Keeping up the Sports Theme Part TWO

I promised you that I would talk more about the design of both Rugs/Afghans in this series.

The chicago White Sox Rug I started on size Seven USA needles. If I remember right I casted on roughly 200 stitches. The first 6 rows I did with Carnival 8 ply with Black 8 ply by Thorobred. I didn’t have much of that brand and will have to change to Carnival 8 ply black. I changed to white only and Straight knit I knitted 12 to 15 stitches on each beginning and end of row, just depending on the stitch I was using and how i felt, and started with the Stockinette Stitch. I went back to garter stitch for a few rows before adding the black for they variegated look. I don’t really have a set number of rows, just change when I feel like it. Another few rows of black garter before changing to the seed stitch,( knit one purl one, next row purl on the knit , knit on the purl). Keeping the seed stitch going in the white for a small amount of rows. I tried a block of cable and was actually pretty happy with it. I changed to circular needles and started the variegated again.











I made the move to the larger needles because things seem to work a little faster. If it was for anyone else I would’ve stuck to the needles I started with. Since this is staying with it, I am a little more flexible and try things a little more.  Sorry that the above pics are not as clear as I wanted.

In Keeping up the Sports Theme part THREE I will take you through the Adelaide Crows Crocheted Rug

Any time you have a question please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Happy Knitting








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