Keeping up the Sports Theme – Part ONE

I have another blog in which I follow the Chicago White Sox baseball team. I love my sports and love-making things to show my support anywhere I can. Whether it’s a scarf, a rug (afghan) or even a cross stitch, I am proud to wear many colors depending on the time of year. Right now its a cross of summer in the USA sports and autumn in Australia, Baseball and Australian Rules Football. Chicago White Sox rug on the left is knit 8 ply wool Carnival Brand  from Big W here in Australia, along with a 5 ply to create the variegated look. I do not remember where I got the 5 ply from, I usually only shop at Big W or at Spotlight Craft Store.  The Adelaide Crows Rug on the right is crochet and is done in the Carnival 8 ply from big W. The colors are Dark Blue, Red and Aussie Gold.

Patterns and more thoughts to come in Sports Theme part two

2013-04-03 12.50.15 2013-04-03 12.57.10


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