Photographing Projects in the Works

I like taking pictures of projects along the way for many reasons.

2013-03-20 12.00.10


The about pictures is from a current project I found on the website called

I had no clue what a short row was or how to do one, so this is the best pattern I have found to learn. Staci is amazing and takes you through each step slowly, you can pause the video and rewind as much as you need to get the hang of things. I will show you once I have it done. Notice in the picture I also made sure to get the brand of wool used.


At the beginning to see that the chosen colors work well together. What might look good to the naked eye can be completely different in a photograph. I take pictures along the way as I work to help me document the progression of the work. Especially if it’s a gift, a one of a kind. I don’t think that I have ever created the same project. I love that what I do is a one of a kind gift. Whether it’s for a wedding gift or the arrival of a new baby. It also helps to build a portfolio as such, to show those friends and family who might be looking for that something special to give. I had friends who wanted to give a gift and couldn’t knit or crochet to save themselves. By having my little portfolio I could show off to them what I could do, give them the idea that if they wanted to buy the wool for the gift, I would give them mates rates at the construction of the gift and the photographs as a keep sake for the gift.

2013-03-20 12.29.02


As you can see in the picture to the left, I have three different textures of wool for a scarf I am planning. The Carnival on top is a plain pale blue,looking to match it with the other wool in the photo, which  the blue on the left is heavier which should knit or crochet up fine on its own. The wool on the right is more light weight and needs an anchor for it to knit up, I read somewhere that at times if using wool on the right is not as sturdy in knitting or crocheting, where using a regular color could give it the stability it needs.



My parents were always working together on projects and loving the process. I can remember Dad always taking pics as the gifts were opened and the excitement but also how people would understand that how much love went into creating the gift. That a part of my Mum or Dad or both of them was woven into the gift.

I do that today with what I create. I take the photos to keep as a record but also to help myself stay on track to meet the deadline.

2013-02-18 00.04.05

This is a scarf I am knitting for myself out of some Scottish wool a mate of mine picked up for me. is the pattern I am using. It is a simple lace pattern, good for beginners like me. It took a little bit of just watching the video before I gave it a try. Its working well and keeping in my challenge of learning new stitches during this year.







Don’t be afraid to create a keepsake of  what you are giving. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, a record for reference but it’s also a piece of you that you are leaving behind. Creating a memory that will last.