Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat

Baby Caps

These work up fairly quick, I can normally do one in less than a day. I don’t have good luck with booties so this is normally the way I go. It’s a simple pattern using size 3 needles. The pattern calls for 1 oz of sport or baby yarn. The bottom 2 caps are done with Baby yarn and the top two are both done with 8 ply but still on the size three needles.


60 stitches for a preemie baby and 70 for a newborn. knit 2, purl 2 to the end of the row. Continue this for 40 rows for a preemie and 44 rows for a newborn. Once rows are finished decrease in the next row by knitting 2, then knit 2 together to the end of the row. Purl the next row. Your next row is knit 1, knit two together across to the end of the row. Keep repeating this until you have 11 stitches left on your needle. Cut your yarn leaving roughly a 14 inch tail. Run your needle through the remaining stitches, pull to draw it shut and do a running stitch down the side. You can add a pompom if you want.