Work in Progress Check In

Finished one project this morning

DK weight shawl. I don’t remember the needle size but it was smaller than I wanted. will probably be more of a light weight scarf than anything. I do like how it turned out, the texture and I am getting more comfy with lace



How Did I Mange to Get Way Too Many Works in Progress?

I think at times  have the attention of a squirrel.

OK, Let me Explain. . .

As you know I love crocheting, knitting and even cross stitch.  I feel like I get bored after a while and I need a new challenge. you should see my sitting area now, way too many bags with things needing finishes. I get myself in trouble when someone has just had a baby and I need to do a gift. I have grand babies who have been missing out because I have stuff for them and it’s not been sent.

I love new challenges on stitches or projects but the frustration of late is trying to get things finished, but not starting any more. How do I keep myself focused on just finishing things up.

I know Phil is frustrated with me for all the bags and stuff. I put way to much pressure on myself, when did it stop being fun and start being more like a business in some ways? Am I trying to prove myself to people through my work? I have to thank my Dad and Mom for teaching me to crochet and knit. I can remember crying for hours at frogging to get mistakes fixed and making the project as perfect as I could to give it away.

I love learning new patterns, but I also loving giving them my twist. I never make the same project twice. I just feel like each piece should be unique. That is how Cricket’s Originals came to life. When I lived in Ohio, I started a business that was based on that, unique one of a kind pieces.

The new crochet along just started with the Crochet Crowd but can I really start that with everything else.

Today is the 10th of July and I am setting myself a goal of working on things that need finished for the rest of the month.

I will keep checking in and letting you know how it goes.

Purple Fireflys

The first of some baby blankets and this one I wanted to be special.

Purple Fireflies are to honour my close mate Katherine.

It’s a reminder to stop and smell the roses and how precious life is

Finished and Starting Again

Got one project delivered.

She wanted a vest made, OK, I normally don’t do clothes but this time I took the order. (I don’t have good luck with clothes)  She did like it and was happy with the fit. She didn’t place another order, to be honest I was happy with it. the pattern was hard and it took a bit to figure it out. I had started another Shawl but she gave away (the first one I made her), she doesn’t use them.  So, I just need to return the extra yarn since she doesn’t need me for anything else.

I do a lot of knitting and crocheting for gifts, there are some babies on the way at the Crows and I feel like I can finally start on a few blankets to gift hoping before the little ones arrive.

I have one order to finished but there is not a time frame on it. One is waiting to send off in the post, just need some cash for postage.

Time for a little reorganisation and trying to find something that includes Phil. He patiently waits for something that his just his and I need to make that happen

Looking for a dragonfly pattern for a friend, I am not sure I can get it made in time but I want to try, looks easy.

Always plenty to do and try and never enough time or money.

Updated Works in Progress list.

It’s a new year so it’s time to update the W.I.P list. Still my goal this year to finish off as many as possible without loading more on my work load.

(Knit) — Boise State Rug — should have been done for the 75th birthday. they are cruising so as long as I can get it finished and shipped before they decide to cruise again, will make me happy

(Knit) — Crows Large Wrap — this is part 2 of an order for the same person. I was given the yarn to use and creating was left up to me. I used larger needles then ask as the lady is short, I am trying to make the needed adjustments to fit her.

(Knit) — D.K weight shawl for me. Based on Marley Bird’s Textured Triangular Shawl. Sticking with the textured and lace as I feel moved to make changes.  The lace is still the challenge but this should give me some better practice.

(Knit) — Gray knit vest. This is part of an order that has taken too long to finish. It took  a bit to get the pattern figured out but I have looked at it to long and its time to get it done and delivered

(Crochet) — Planned pooling. This one is another me project. Not quite sure where it will finish up but working the variegated part first and then will decide from there.

(Crochet) — 5 point star. 1 for each of the grandbabies made of their favourite colours. Trying to use up scraps and odd skeins.

(Knit) — simple shawl. Yarn from Hildy.  Pattern of my choice.

(Crochet) Christmas Blanket — blocks used from another rug I started.

(Knit,Crochet) — using up odd skeins to help with stock.

(Knit, Crochet) — Nan’s knit blocks, crocheting them together to give back to Erica.

(Crochet) David Robertson’s Blanket — created to donate.

(Crochet) Jake Peavy’s Blanket — Can keep or donate

(Crochet) Central Districts Rug — Oldest W I P



Crochet vs Knit and Poncho vs Shawl

Can I have both?

Sure why not they are projects for me but the question is which is crocheted and which is knitted?

I had poncho’s growing up and have even made a couple. One of the 1st things my Dad crocheted me was a poncho with a matching purse, it was green and dark brown

Well ponchos have made a return. They say hang on to stuff because it will make a come back.

Found some great poncho patterns but which one will give me what I want. One has a great cable pattern but the crochet ones are simple and I can add a hood better.

I have lots of great yarn to choose from but how do I decide on the pattern?

It’s coming up on birthday week soon and its time to pick a good challenge.

Keep you posted

Crochet Math

When designing a new project I hate dong the math. It was never a strong suit in school.

I love a new challenge but when its all on me I get a little nervy. My birthday is coming soon and I always take that week to learn new stuff, try new things but I wanted to get a jump on this one.

Trying to make sure It’s wide enough to fit the design, have I got the center figured in? I know the size of the design but getting it as centred as I can is what is driving me around the twist right now.

Deciding on which stitch I want to use?

It’s a brand new project, surprise gift for hubby. I have never done a graphgan before so I am taking on a mountain here but have I got enough knowledge to survive this one?

It’s a huge step outside my comfort zone. I better pack something to eat and drink. I could be out in crochet land awhile.


Sorry for my Disappearance

Happy Holidays

I am sorry I have disappeared but I needed some down time. The shoulders and hands were giving me a hard time and rest was the only way I was going to get through the pain.  Too many projects going and not enough time.

New year coming new plan.

I have started my knitting/crochet list for the day. Even if I do a set amount of rows, 2 to 3 projects a day can get worked on. I do listen to my body and take some time between projects. There is so much I want to do this coming year. Lot’s of friends having babies or little ones I want to do a project for.

Phil is so patient and I want to make sure I can do something special for him. Trying to work up the nerve for my first graphgan

It’s time I get back to life and being creative.

Who is joining me?


Too Many Projects and Not Enough Time.

Once again I have managed to spread myself just a little too thin.

How to budget my time to make the most of what I need to get done is a constant issue.

I have the projects that I need light and I need to pay attention to and then there is what I call the mindless knitting. That stuff that I can knit and not pay attention to.

I got an order for 2 lap blankets for next footy season here in Australia.

Grey Vest

knit vest — took me a bit to master the pattern but finally got it going. this is part of my knitting for an elderly lady. I don’t charge her much but she always has a challenge for me.





I started the Marly Bird knit along Garter Stitch Shawl. This is a me project. It’s a 4 row repeat and should work up pretty quick.  I’m using up yarn from the Marly Bird shawl knit along. That is another project I will do again.

Garter Stitch Shawl










I divide up my work time as I am watching shows or movies. Changing projects at the end of the show or movie. I get numb fingers if I am at this too long so I am always taking breaks between projects especially if I am having a full day of knit/crochet

Working on a Virus Shawl for the Crows Supporters Group to raffle off soon.

It’s time I get organized and find the priority in this mess